Parampal Singh

Web Design Branding / Identity Packaging Layout UX / UI Design

Graphic designer by day, movie buff by night.

Parampal enjoys design that is both visually appealing and meaningful. His minimalist design is inspired by his life in the small town of Punjab, India. When he’s not designing, you can find him at basketball games, shopping, working out, or catching a new movie around the block.

  • Air Jordan Why Not Zero.1
    A website to highlight the newly released signature shoes of Nba Superstar Russel Westbrook, Why Not Zero.1. The whole website is inspired by Russel Westbrook’s love for fashion. Why Not Zero.1 also highlights the fierce personality and play style on the court of Russel Westbrook.

  • Swish Magazine
    A magazine for every NBA fan who likes to stay on top of what is trending on and off the court. Swish highlights LeBron James and James Harden as they try to take their teams to the new step of winning a championship. Swish also digs deep into the lifestyles of Damian Lillard, J.R. Smith and Russel Westbrook off the court.

  • Up Your Closet
    An app for every college student, business man, teenager or anyone who has a busy schedule on a daily basis. Up Your Closet helps to levitate the stress of what to wear for every occasion whether that is an upcoming meeting or a get together with your friends. Uyc also helps to expand your closet by helping to sell you current unwanted clothes so you can make room for new ones!