Dan Cole

Branding / Identity Illustration Merchandise Design Design Thinking & Ideation

A mild-mannered graphic designer at a brewery merch supplier by day, a comic-reading freelance powerhouse (that can make a damn good grilled cheese) by night.

Dan is a freelancer, an in-house designer, a husband, a dog-owner, and of course a student. He’s also apparently a guy that can perform a balancing act. Dan’s looking to take on new clients and contract work but would love to settle down at a small firm or agency. On the rare occasion, he’s not working, you can probably find him at a local comic shop perusing the shelves.

  • Join
    Branding & identity redesign for a local non-profit homeless outreach organization.

  • Baywatch Hefeweizen (Elk Horn Brewing)
    Apparel design for Elk Horn Brewery, an independent craft brewery located in Eugene, OR.

  • Brain Dumps
    These pieces are snippets of Dan's brain, his thoughts and anxieties. What results isn’t necessarily a lead point for the project. However, it does clear the way for ideas to come behind it.