Cole Edmonson

Branding / Identity Web / Interactive Layout Ideation

Graphic designer by day; LEGO hobbyist by night.

Cole freelances under the name "Good Fruit Creative" and dreams of working for a small-to-medium studio where he can wear multiple hats and learn as much as possible about running a full-time creative business. An earnest follower of Jesus Christ, he is passionate about serving in the church and inspiring others to become an active force in the culture.

  • Household of Faith
    A branding and web design project: How does a small church family represent itself to the world?

  • Utter
    A UX/UI and interactivity project: What if an app could improve your speech habits?

  • Virgil's
    A web design project: How does a gourmet soda website capture the experience of drinking the beverage?