Amy Hodges

Art Direction Campaigns Branding / Identity Page Layout Packaging

Ambitious creative by day and unapologetic book addict by night.

Amy is a creative, a vision articulator, a storyteller, a translator of experiences, a strategic thinker, a believer of the creative process, a seeker of understandings, a collaborator, a comfort-zone-pusher — but ultimately it’s not about who she is, but about what you can do together.

  • Decode Dyslexia
    Decode Dyslexia Awareness Campaign. By creating a shared reading experience that provides a similar level of frustration, non-dyslexics will understand the aggravation, stress, and embarrassment associated with the condition. Once the challenges associated with Dyslexia are understood, better learning conditions for the one in five students who struggle with the learning disability can be achieved.

  • Portland Mercury
    With the overwhelming amount of controversy surrounding the 2016 Oscar nomination. My Portland Mercury cover concept was a social commentary illustrating the lack of diversity among award nominations for the Academy awards by drawing comparisons to the actors who wore “blackface” in popular Minstrel shows during the late 1800’s to mid 1900’s in an attempt to further engage conversations and awareness about the topic.

  • Vote for FIR
    A recruitment campaign for Portland State's student-run advertising agency.