Kyle Bacon

Kyle Bacon is a lover of design and code. He also loves helping people on the web through thoughtful design and breathing life into the digital world. Bacon is originally from Yakima, WA, and now resides in the Portland area, experiencing everything that it has to offer, including, of course, coffee and a good microbrew with his homies. He likes to run and also nerd out over a good video game, film or TV show. If he had a superpower, it would be being able to watch every single "Star Wars" movie and not skip 1–3 (You know which ones…you know…with whiny Anakin.).

If you were to run into me at NY Fashion Week, I would most likely be:
Performing the “Bacon Dougie” in the Times Square or eating some dope pizza. Maybe even finding some nerdy stuff to do, you know, not NY Fashion Week oriented.

My favorite article of clothing is:
An oversized hoodie to hide my developer and “I just graduated college” belly.

The song playing as I strut down the runway would be:
“Pony” — Ginuwine