Rayan Alhú

Branding Illustration Interactive Design

Rayan Alhú is a designer from Saudi Arabia that has been living in Portland for the past eight years. He loves the story-telling aspect of design, and in his designs he enjoys telling stories of the inner human, within each of us; the destitute, the broken, the neglected, and the less fortunate. He gives these stories hopeful endings. He wants to be able to make designs that hold strong meanings, make a difference in the world, and empower those who are in so much need to be empowered.

If you were a plant, what would you be?
If Rayan was a plant he would be a cactus, because he is patient, quiet, and full of inner surprises.

  • Rayan Doll
    Rayan Doll was my senior thesis project which is a website that displays my personal story at different stages of life. A psychological battle between myself and society results in the manufacturing of the brainwashed Rayan Doll while being packaged in different boxes.

  • Olé
    My admiration for Gypsy Flamenco music started when I attended a Flamenco performance in Mardid few years ago. The fire of passion of vocalists and dancers I saw and felt inspired me to design the first Flamenco café & vino in Portland, Oregon—the city that admires art and culture.

  • Opera
    Opera is a condominium building designed by the late Iraqi-British architect Dame Zaha Hadid. The dramatic exteriors of the building reminded me of an opera performance, that I enjoyed re-branding it.

  • Bambino
    Bambino is a nutritional beverage and lifestyle brand for kids on the go. It is aimed for all American kids of different racial backgrounds and all seasons of the year shown through its playful illustrations on milk packaging.