Maggie Denham

Page Layout Social Media Printmaking Typography Brand Development

Maggie likes taking information and organizing it in simple but inviting ways. Her style is clean, simple, and type driven. She is always ready to discover as many new methods of creativity as possible. When she’s not making things, she is either exploring all of the amazing hiking trails in the Pacific Northwest, looking around in craft stores, or instagraming pictures of her brunch.

What words do you whisper to your plants?
Maggie tells them "you're doing great buddy!" and mentally wills them not to die.

  • Minimize
    Minimize is a newspaper that shows how an average person can incorporate minimalism into their daily life. Inside I discuss beauty products, my living space, my closet, and my own little museum of useless objects. The design reflects some of the mess created in the cleaning process and an exploration of the minimalist design aesthetic.

  • Independent Publishing Resouce Center
    The Independent Publishing Resouce Center (IPRC) asked for help with their event promotion, kickstarter campaign, community outreach, and upcoming membership drive. As a graphic design intern I create monthly calendars, social media posts, and other promotional material using the valuable resources the IPRC provides to the DIY community in Portland.

  • Forage Home
    Forage Home is an online decor shop based in Sacramento, California that asked for a brand identity that reflects their clean, effortless style. This included a versatile and professional logo design that appeals to both their high-end clientele as well as the young professional generation moving to Sacramento from the Bay area.

  • Mira Shah
    Mira Shah is an Art Therapist who needed a brand to reflect her fun and professional image. I teamed up with student designer Paige Landis to create a brand that utilizes the playful art mediums used in her practice. The primary logo represents the inner eye of wisdom and awakening, drawing from Mira Shah’s education in meditation and mindfulness.