Edlyn Wang

Editorial Design Packaging Design Brand Identity Typography Illustration

Edlyn is Interested in the subject of combining art and design, meaning to involve conceptual thinking, mixed mediums, and expanded prospects in order to create a fun and playful experience for viewers. Her inspirations come from vintage graphic art, foreign films, everyday life, and cultural nuance. In her free time, she likes making authentic Taiwanese food to ease her nostalgia for home.

If you were a color, what would it be?
If she was a color, she would be grey; because grey is a reliable and supportive color to make a wide range of color spectrum more lively.

  • Do You Speak American?
    “Do You Speak American?” is a book and memoir that documented my experiences in intercultural differences and code switching skills that I learned in America. With abundant resources of personal experience and stories from myself and others in a similar situation, it lends an objective lens on Americans to help freshen their perspective of their own culture.

  • AMO Chocolate
    In order to show appreciation for the invention of the roman alphabet, I turned letters into an organic pattern to show a more handcrafted aesthetic and apply it to everyone’s favorite sweet snack, a win win.

  • Baby Container
    For people who want to get home furnishings on a low budget, IKEA is often first on the list. This infographic instruction is a new way of making a “do it yourself” project, an IKEA-hack if you will, with some basic household tools we can make our own fun project. Enjoy “BÅBY CÖNTNR”!

  • PIKU Saké Company
    PIKU, meaning the peak of a mountain in Japanese uses a logo shaped like a mountain but also a shape which conveys the character “山” meaning “mountain” in both Chinese, and Japanese Kanji. The choice of blue gives the idea of relaxation, refreshment and rejuvenation as well as the freeing of hard-worked stress just as one reaches the peak of a mountain.