Ashleigh Cummings

Exhibit Design Infographics Book Design Illustration and Lettering

Ashleigh takes every opportunity to learn about a new technique, idea, or nerdy fact. She finds inspiration in the everyday, the whimsical, and the nostalgic. Above all, she likes to make stuff, whether it's a book, an infographic, or a hand-knit sweater.

What is your favorite plant?
All the trees.

  • Doctor Who Timeline
    The widely popular TV show Doctor Who can be notoriously difficult for fans to keep track of and explain to their non-Whovian friends. This infographic depicts a timeline of the show since its reboot and contains information about the recurrence of characters and villains, the regenerations of the titular character, and even the ratings for each episode.

  • Scope Exhibit Design
    It's easy to forget that space photographs are depictions of a vast, three-dimensional universe. Hence the need for an exhibit that immerses the visitor in a feeling of immense space and wonder through large-scale installations and strategic lighting. The brandbook includes the details for an entire exhibit, from the wordmark to a proposed floorplan.

  • Comfort Food Recipe Book
    For this thesis project, I explored integrating illustrations with photographs and stories to create a nostalgic family recipe book. As part of a family with adventurous tastes and a taste for adventure, I plan to continually expand this project.

  • Owl Playing Cards
    This set of playing cards features four species of North American owls depicted in geometry and watercolor. Although the suits and colors differ from traditional card decks, it functions in the same way with four unique suits, two contrasting colors, and identically-patterned backs.