Angela Dinh

Illustration Editorial Design Birds

Angela Dinh is a creative person interested in nerdy stuff and working with her hands. She is inspired by nature, cheesy fantasy novels, and video games. Her goal in life is to be known as “that bird lady”.

What is your favorite plant?
Anything edible. My parakeets love basil.

  • The Bracken Tarot
    An illustrated set of major arcana tarot cards, created based on Christian symbolism and imagery. Tarot cards have a rich history that started in 15th century Europe, and the choice of Christian symbolism to represent the divinatory language of the cards is a tribute to the history and cultures that created tarot.

  • The Sound of Far Shores
    Stageplays are an art form that crosses cultural boundaries, but western opera houses often confine themselves to European languages and scripts. The Sound of Far Shores is an imagined season of The Portland Opera that showcases Japanese, Korean, and Chinese traditional stage plays that seeks to engage new, younger audiences in opera.

  • Grimm & Grace
    It's not always just a phase for those high school goth kids. Some grow up into goth adults, with enough fashion sense to never step into another Hot Topic ever again. Grimm & grace is a pattern collection and accessory line for gloomy grown ups who still love the drama, just not the cheese.

  • Art Corpse Zine
    A play on the exquisite corpse, this booklet is a playful exploration in layout, abstract shapes, and typography. Like an exquisite corpse, this book started as collaborative doodles and drawings that transformed into contemporary piece that focused on experimentation rather than practicality.