Vivian Kim

I am a designer, illustrator and dog enthusiast based in Portland, OR. With a focus on branding, illustration and editorial, I enjoy the clean, simple and bold. While taking inspiration from Japanese culture, streetwear and my everyday surroundings, design is as important to me as my dogs. And my dogs are my life. I hope to further push myself and take on more challenges, while still going to dog parks, lifting weights and enjoying my iced coffee.

  • Kiriko Made Bandanas
    At Kiriko Made, I was given the task of designing 3 Americana-inspired bandanas while still representing traditional Japan. Using assets provided by Kiriko, I found myself drawing inspiration from nature, celebration and the idea of good fortune.

  • Osamu Dazai Book Covers
    Osamu Dazai, known for his modern-day classics in Japan, brought awareness to subjects such as mental illness, social relationships, and postwar Japan. These masterpieces were redesigned to portray Dazai's heart-wrenching stories for the modern era.

  • Invention Bootcamp
    A brand identity for Invention Bootcamp, a summer course for high school students interested in the STEM field, offered at PSU. My goal for Invention Bootcamp was to create an appealing bootcamp that students would want to attend during summer.

  • Sake Fest
    The rebranding of Sake Fest was initiated to further match their sophisticated and refined atmosphere. Just like sake, I wanted the identity to be fresh and clear. The format for this event was to help the user free their hands while they chat and drank with friends. Kampai! (Cheers!)