Nina Singchai

As a designer I strive to produce the most authentic work. My personal style is bright and cheerful and I hope to create work that is colorful and evokes positive emotions. This style can be easily applied to everyday work and it is my ubiquitous type of artwork that makes me unique compared to other designers.

  • Vampyre Wine
    The wine draws inspiration from the elegant Victorian era with elements of Gothic influence. Each bottle of wine is based on the various blood types.

  • Sweet Candy NightClub Theme
    The purpose of this flyer to tempt the customer to come into the club so they may release their energy and have a great time with other like-minded individuals. This theme hopes to attract a young and rebellious crowd.

  • Type ( T - Shirt )
    My personal brand is aimed towards the street hipsters that want a carefree fashionable outfit. It is designed to look effortlessly beautiful and gives the aura of always looking amazing.

  • Portland Mercury Cover
    The Portland Mercury Cover will be issued for the month of February celebrating Valentine’s Day. Not everyone is happy about love and this cover channels sadness, aggression, and loneliness.