Maggie Johnson

I am a graphic designer with a love for thoughtful branding, fun patterns, innovative packaging, and eye-catching color palettes. Hard work, risk taking, and detail-oriented ideation are the tools that I use to create. I am truly passionate and excited about graphic design, and I feel that energy comes through in my work. Having grown up in colorful Colorado, my love for the outdoors and adventure is innate. I find inspiration in my surroundings, my friends, my family, and forward thinkers. I also love cheese, cats, TV, and not taking myself too seriously.

  • Hourlunch
    Hourlunch is a local non-profit fighting to end childhood hunger. I created a branding system for the organization that embodied it’s positive spirit—keeping it uplifting, inspiring, and approachable throughout.

  • Platform
    Platform is an all-inclusive skateboarding company that I concepted, created, and designed. Focused on positivity, community, individuality, and gender-neutral clothing, the brand brings new light to the skateboarding industry. The mark has lots of positive energy and upward movement, while the colors and patterns keep the brand fun and fresh.

  • Art Corpse
    Art Corpse is an art booklet full of experimental design. My goal with this project was to push my layouts and use of typography, and make something totally new and unexpected.

  • 48 Hour Film Project
    The 48 Hour Film Project is a festival in which teams create, film, edit, and screen an origional short film in one weekend. I created a branding system for this event that focused on the energy, urgency, and process of the festival.