Lena Abbott

I love giving advice, whether it's over the food carts in Portland or brainstorming a strategy for a design problem. I herald from that ice box up north but consider myself a Portland adoptee with a love for travel. My belief is that people and experiences are the most inspiring projects to work with, so I try my best to connect with as many things as possible. In terms of design I love to work with physical mediums like cut paper and photography, but also am hugely interested in illustration and copy writing. My hobbies range from acrylic nail art to old sci-fi television shows. I'd say my current goal is to create a kick-ass home garden and re-watch all the X-files.

  • Down & Dirty
    The Down & Dirty festival in Austin, Texas is a barbecue cook off with a rock and roll beat. Bringing a vibe of serious bbq without the kitsch of the south interfering was vital. Proving clear letterpress and sassy copy for the event gave it a strong personalized voice that guests can relate with.

  • Mead Branding
    Problem: South African elephants following their migration paths were destroying crops that lied in their path. Solution: enlist the help of bees (a large fear of elephants) to line the perimeter of crops and provide a second income to farmers. A specialized mead was born, with mindful design and strong story telling to better communicate the advocation of nyuki na tembo, the elephant and the bee. A South African mead that helps solve an agricultural conflict between elephants and bees.

  • Nail Exhibit
    The nail art game is a culture of sassy, artistic voices that needed some background coverage. Creating an exhibit that viewers could walk through and experience the history, technicality and culture of nail art was key. Displaying the information in an a large format keeps the audience engaged with infographics and fun copy.

  • Petit Repas
    A specialized gourmet food cart branded with fun illustration and clean type. Keeping the style in a french feel while integrating it with food cart casualness was important to marketing to a broad range of guests.