Kimberly Kalwat

Hi, i’m Kim. I love the outdoors and working with my hands! I'm originally from NW Indiana outside of Chicago and moved to Portland, Oregon about 9 years ago. I graduated from cosmetology school in 2007, but got tired of cleaning people’s feet, so I went back to school for Graphic Design. I have an Associates in Graphic Design from Portland Community College, and will be graduating in 2016 with my Bachelors of Science in Graphic Design.

  • The Quartz Hunt
    Whether you’re looking to learn more about crystals and how they are formed in the earth, or learning about their healing properties; this book is for you. It covers all of the bases, with a clean and modern layout.

  • Oregon Spirit Fair
    The Oregon Spirit Fair creates experiences that nourish the mind body and soul through sustainability, art, and music. It is a three day fair that offers the finest entertainment, hand-made crafts, and music. Living artfully and creating unique experiences with family is what we are all about. We are in a wooded setting with our own water and communication systems, security team, and recycling service.

  • Pattern Lookbook
    This pattern collection is for anyone who has a love for the outdoors, and Earth’s beautiful creations. This collection is inspired by the vast array of terrains in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Wedding Invite
    Tropical floral patterns were the inspiration behind this invitation. Without overpowering the design, while adding a tropical theme, this invitation is perfect for any tropical wedding.