Grace Song

Hello, I’m Grace and I like to design, illustrate, and make things. I was born in New York, spent my childhood in Seoul, and have been living in Portland, Oregon for past 12 years. A lot of my design aesthetics come from the things I learned, things I saw, and people I met from my travels and living in different places and exploring different cultures. I’m a lover for lines, colors, and fun design qualities. In my free time, you can find me taking photographs, eating food that makes me guilty, going to music shows, and drinking beer with my friends.

  • Bernie Sanders
    I drew different illustrations of Bernie Sander’s face for an art show ‘The Good Fight’ to promote his campaign for the election. Bernie has such a great expressions on his face, so I decided to draw different faces of him to show that he is a very passionate person.

  • Kiriko Bear T-Shirt
    I designed a t-shirt for Portland based company Kiriko Made. Inspired by the wood carved Kuma bear from Ainu tribe in Japan and the raindrop pattern in the back to represent Portland. Since the company is very crafty and contains a lot of hand-made qualities, I tried to add that to the final design.

  • We Need To Talk About Kevin
    A movie poster for "We Need To Talk About Kevin". I used the symbolic imagery and meaning from the film to represent the important storyline.

  • MAK
    Makgeolli is a traditional rice wine in Korea. Traditionally drank by farmers and workers during their work breaks, and now is one of the most popular drinks in Korea. I tied the cultural and historical elements to create the logo and the overall branding design.