Erin Shorthill

I am a native Oregonian who doesn’t mind the rain. At a young age you could find me in the garage helping my dad work on his 67’ Mustang, cutting paper into a million pieces or taking apart any gadget I could get my hands on. Now you can find me solving design problems through research, meticulously piecing together brand identities and looking at the bigger picture. I am quick on my feet and can adapt to any situation thrown my way.

  • Nostrana
    An interactive student project turned into a new brand identity for the restaurant. I wanted to represent the simplicity of the food within the wordmark and give it a modern take. Photographs used are from a recent trip to Italy.

  • ChoreChart
    A conceptual prototype of a task-based app designed for both parents and children. The nagging parent is a constant struggle in many households. ChoreChart is a way for open communication between parent and child.

  • Friends of Outdoor School
    A student project to rebrand a local non-profit. Friends of Outdoor School is an important part of Oregon’s history. For the last fifty years, Outdoor School has given opportunities to take children out of their everyday lives and immerse them in nature.

  • Shop Talk
    A book inspired by my fourteen years as a hairstylist. Shop Talk is a compilation of interviews, photographs, and stories from hairstylists in the Portland Metro Area.