Erica Belland

I am a graphic designer who focuses on illustration, production and product development with a DIY focus. Enthusiasm, positivity and my love of working with people are at the core of everything that I do. When I am not giving people high fives or jamming on design work, you can find me running around the outdoors or coming up with new pins and prints for my soon-to-be online shop Good Good Golden.

  • Reisende
    An import bier company that represents German culture and innovation. The identity of Reisende conveys the connection to the arts and community of Germany.

  • Plaid Pantry
    This redesign of Plaid Pantry focuses on creating an atmosphere that engages the community. *Done in collaboration with Nimi Einstein.

  • True Tuna
    My family cans honest seafood and brings it to the table with minimal additive ingredients for a fresher, out of water taste! True Tuna strive to preserve the best tuna for our customers.

  • Nina Simone
    Nina Simone was a singer, pianist, songwriter and creative genius whose boundaries were not confined. My inspiration for this project was her constantly evolving hairdos, colorful attitude, and carefully crafted skills.