Duc Tran

I’m constantly looking for new adventures. You can spot me roaming in the wild around Portland, Oregon, on my ’77 Schwinn bicycle photographing our beautiful landscape. You can also find me at a tea house working on branding, interactive, and packaging design projects. My muse lies in minimalistic design, great music, and bad puns. I'd love to chat with you over a cup of tea and work together to develop fun projects.

  • Courier
    An on-demand bike delivery service that uses a simple mobile application for time-sensitive and quick delivery. This sustainability concept promotes bicycling in the crowded city and, thus, reduce heavy traffic.

  • Dang Music
    The music label project was inspired by the great sound of a Portland band called “Dang”. The essence of the indie-soul and garage-rock sound is captured through B&W photography and poster style illustration.

  • Public Foundry
    A tool library based on the idea of serving the local community through accessibility and affordability. The rustic and gritty design concept stems from the normal garage shop aesthetics.

  • Wanderlust Wine
    The concept for Wanderlust Wine was inspired by nature and the desire to explore. Hence, this elegant wine label is represented by the organic illustration style of the different birds.