Bill Phan

My name’s Bill and I’m an interactive designer and developer. I was a former chemistry student now turned computer geek and code enthusiast. I am super-excited about tinkering, designing products, and creating interactions that will one day reframe the future. I’m an obsessively curious believer in technology, startups, and the eventual colonization of Mars. My aspiration is to create the next AI assistant that tells rad jokes.

  • The Interactive Atomic Model is an interactive design concept and beta prototype of an atomic model. It is designed to explore multidimensional data visualization methods for use in scientific, professional, and educational fields.

  • Echo Smart Desk
    Echo is an interface design project and venture into non-traditional I/O methods for computational devices. Echo is intended for expanding the creative, engineering, and medical workspace.

  • Aegis Secure Storage Mobile Task App
    Aegis is an iOS mobile application concept that emphasizes digital storage and security protocols while focusing on a sleek modern design and user friendly interface.

  • Quantex Industries
    Quantex Industries is a fictional aeronautics and space company located in San Diego, California. Website was a web design course project emphasizing page layout, code experimentation, and branding on a subject of interest.