Arlen Cornejo

Having lived between El Salvador and Portland, OR I acquired a sensitivity to contrast in culture, color and patterns found in everyday life. I am always trying to find connections between concepts, images, and texture. I enjoy creating designs with a hand-done quality while being mindful of practicality and function without losing sight of the details. In my free time, I enjoy writing letters, watching movies, cooking Latin food and riding my bike around Portland.

  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    The Knights who say Ni are found by King Arthur and his followers while traversing the forest. Monty Python has been known for its silly sense of humor and their collage artwork. I wanted to convey some of that silliness through their expressions and using scanned fabric to fill the blocks of color.

  • Soccer World Cup Timeline
    A timeline showing the evolution of the soccer ball used in the field during the world cup.

  • Latin Film Fest
    A week of films that talk about change. I choose to see the positive spark in that feeling, so I decided to use bright color and pattern to represent its constancy.

  • Zoé Music Poster
    Listening to the lyrics of Zoé's psychedelic rock I drew inspiration for this piece. Sips of light to brighten your life. The layers of Zoé’s sound inspired the layers of images and color.