Amanda Katz

Hey ya'll! My name’s Amanda and I’m a designer and illustrator working out of Portland, Oregon. I like to do work involving puns and politics, especially design that serves the little guy and makes information more accessible to others. I try my best to see outside of my reality and see what others may experience. When I’m not doing design work, you can find me at any soccer field rallying on my teams or exploring trails that I’m probably not supposed to be on.

  • Catcalls
    A t-shirt designed to take a stance against the normalizing of cat calls as an okay behavior.

  • Planned Parenthood turns 100
    Planned Parenthood celebrated 100 years of helping women and men this October and I wanted to do a little something special in honor of how much they’ve helped me and other women.

  • Women Strength
    Women Strength is a free self defense course by women for women offered in the Portland area.

  • Not Your Babe
    If you ask any lady if they’ve ever been called babe in a way they don’t appreciate, you’ll probably get a strong “yes.” This illustration was made for all those ladies.