PSU Graphic Design: Show and Tell Series

Show & Tell: Margot Harrington

 Harrington will be speaking with us from Chicago about best practices for freelancers!

She has taught classes on contracts and kicking your career into gear and now she is going to talk with you all about setting up a freelance practice.

Margot is a graphic designer of publications, branding, packaging, textiles, and websites. Typical clients are cultural organizations, non-profits, academic and civic institutions, small businesses, various sub-contractors and colleagues. Her background and education are in art & design history, printmaking, painting, and writing. She works primarily from Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood, in a home office/studio, but can often be found co-working in various spots, around the city and elsewhere.

Skillshare classes:

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Show & Tell: Legal questions for designers with Bryan Wasetis from Aspect Law

Bryan Wasetis is a Portland, Or based attorney that works specifically with the creative community. He is a co-founder of Aspect Law Group and specializes in business and intellectual property law, and is also an avid supporter of community-based activities and Portland’s art and culture scene.

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Show & Tell: Mike Merrill

Please join us this Thursday at NOON in room 320 for this week’s installment of Show & Tell!

Kenneth Michael Merrill (also known as Mr. Mike Merrill, Mikey, or KmikeyM) is a publicly traded person and businessman in Portland, Ore. He is the co-founder of Chroma, Inc, a co-owner of Manila Mac, and the owner of K5 Media LLC. He manages Urban Honking, where he has a blog, is the Editor-In-Chief of Portland Sportsman, and is a highly esteemed member of The YACHT Trust. He runs a co-operative Research Lab, co-hosts the Bright Future of Tobacco podcast, produces TV with Team Video, is a founding member of Whiskey Friends, and is currently working on some exciting new developments.

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Show & Tell: Sunset City

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Sunset City is the Portland-based studio of Dana Steffe and Eric R. Mortensen. Dana and Eric both come from entrepreneurial backgrounds with a strong studio focus on identity design, brand consulting, user experience and interface design. Some of their clients include future-forward companies like NASA, Google X, and Otherlabs.

Please join us this Thursday at noon in room 320 (2000 SW 5th AVE). Talks are free and open to the public.

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Show & Tell: Dan Stiles


We are welcoming Portland designer & illustrator Dan Stiles this week to Show & Tell! Please join us this Thursday, January 14th at noon in room 320. Talks are free and open to the public.

Over the past twenty years, Dan Stiles has collaborated with everyone from indie bands to major corporations in creating posters, identities, advertising, custom packaging, and limited edition collectable art and merchandise. His clients range from Arctic Monkeys, Sonic Youth, and Wilco to the X Games, IBM, and Nickelodeon. He draws from a broad swath of influences including skateboard graphics, album covers, modern art, children’s books, comics, psychedelia, and vintage advertising. Dan has published several children’s books as well as a monograph of his work entitled One Thing Leads to Another. He lives with his wife and daughters in Portland, Oregon.
Twitter—> @danstiles
Instagram—> @danstiles
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