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New Class: Design In Context (Failure)

ART 399: Design In Context (Failure)

Within the disciplines of art and design, there is an inherent element of risk. Answers are not pre-determined, and outcomes are the natural extension of the biases, influences and processes we undertake. Failure occurs in abundance. We encounter it everywhere from the collapsing of a structure, to the deliberate misinformation of agit-prop. Even though artists and designers are prone to walk a path of (un)intended consequences, we have also notably used failure in our working practice intentionally. This course will investigate such topics from a variety of perspectives in order to gain a deeper understanding of what failure means to us individually and collectively.

The class will be held T/TR from 9-11:50 and taught by Assistant Professor Meredith James. Please contact her with more questions:

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PSUGD Guide for 2014/2015

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Yay! If you missed picking up one of our new 2014/2015 PSUGD guide’s during our fall convocation you may download it right over here —> New convocation booklet BL.

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Join the Fall A+D Projects Team!


A+D Projects

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Video Crash Course with Julie Perini!

Sign up for this one credit workshop this FALL with Julie Perini!
This two-day course will get you started making your own videos. Technical information covered includes: DSLR and other video camera operations, video formats, basic digital video and sound editing using Adobe Premiere, video outputting, and presenting your work online. Course lectures and discussions will focus on: editing techniques, cinematography, ideas about the politics of representation in media, and video

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Thanks Portland Egotist!

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Huge thanks to The Portland Egotist for last week’s super features on our students as we ramped up to Be Honest on Saturday! Always so appreciative of the support!

above: Vanessa Despain

Above: Julie Lesseg

above: Chris Lopez

above: Alex Despain

Above: Romeo Salazar

above: Zack Francheschi

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