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WeMake awards Friendtorship $3,000!

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HUGE NEWS! WeMake awarded Friendtorship $3000 today! Thank you WeMake! THANK YOU! Thank you’s especially to those who came out today: with Yvonne Perez Emerson, Scott A Baker, Celestia Grace Caredio, Daniel Cole and of course to all the Friendtorship students past and present and to Conrad Schumacher and Jill Dryer!

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New Class: Design In Context (Failure)

ART 399: Design In Context (Failure)

Within the disciplines of art and design, there is an inherent element of risk. Answers are not pre-determined, and outcomes are the natural extension of the biases, influences and processes we undertake. Failure occurs in abundance. We encounter it everywhere from the collapsing of a structure, to the deliberate misinformation of agit-prop. Even though artists and designers are prone to walk a path of (un)intended consequences, we have also notably used failure in our working practice intentionally. This course will investigate such topics from a variety of perspectives in order to gain a deeper understanding of what failure means to us individually and collectively.

The class will be held T/TR from 9-11:50 and taught by Assistant Professor Meredith James. Please contact her with more questions:

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Julie Lesseg & Olivia Serrill awarded at the AIGA Conference!

Above: PSUGD had three pieces accepted into the AIGA: New Ventures Student show which was held during the National AIGA Educator’s conference. Students Julie Lesseg, Olivia Serrill, Charlotte Hill and Angela Saylors showcased their work along with 17 other student projects from a variety of schools in the region. 

This exhibition, juried by a group of local design professionals, showcases design projects by students from higher-education institutions in Oregon and southern Washington. In connection to the conference theme — each project resonates with ideas of ‘ intersections’ and ‘new ventures’. All work on display includes key moments of the design process as well as images of final prototypes.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 11.32.48 PM
As part of the exhibition, AIGA Portland provided two DEXed Scholarship awards presented by Liquid Agency. These two scholarships were won by Julie Lesseg for her project Shout: A Collection of Coming Out Stories. SHOUT is about sharing what can be the most important story a person could tell. It is a project about uniting, inspiring, and supporting those that live their lives partially or completely in the closet, by creating a resource of experiences from the LGBT who have been there. See more at

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 11.15.31 PM
Above: Olivia Serrill was awarded the other scholarship for her project The History of Engagement.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 11.38.44 PM
Above: The History of Engagement by Olivia Serrill

The History of Engagement is an unfolding archive that chronicles the history of the work done by the Education Department of the Portland Art Museum. This timeline is solely drawn from uncatalogued archives housed in the Portland Art Museum’s Crumpacker Family Library. This unfolding archive spanning just under 50 feet long took over 5 months to complete and features over 200 illustrations which highlight events of the museum’s long and rich history, dating back to 1892.

Above: In Addition by Charlotte Hill & Angela Saylors

In Addition was their response to the question they heard frequently between classmates throughout their college education: “how do you do that? Can you show me?”
In seven weeks, they branded, created, and produced an event that gave students the chance to learn about their classmates’ particular skillsets and processes, and add on to their formal, classroom education.

Congrats to all four of them for their incredible work and excellent showing!

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Faculty and Alumni in new book: ICON


Faculty Jason Sturgill and alumni Murphy Phelan are included in the new book ICON published by Counter Print.

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ICON contains over 200 examples of social media icons from many well-known, as well as up-and-coming, graphic designers and illustrators. This limited and concise canvas for self-expression is represented within this book through a host of examples collected from around the world, chosen for their creativity, intelligence and beauty.

Congrats you two!

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Faculty Chris North to present: Trash Talk!

Studio Collective: Trash Talk Interviews from Chris North on Vimeo.

Faculty Chris North will be representing the Graphic Design program this week at the AASHE conference being held in Portland at the Oregon Convention Center. She is presenting Trash Talks: revealing the potential of a building’s waste stream from the Studio Collective, ART 399. Nice work! The Trash Talk videos were filmed and produced by  Amanda Decker and Ayaka Terakawa. This summer Amanda Decker archived the Trash Talk projects with the help of Kit MacAllister via a video documentary series. You can see the 3 part series on Vimeo. Check them out!

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